Friday, December 31, 2004

2005 Dead Pool Submissions

The Pope
Eddie Albert
Abigail Van Buren
Paul Harvey
Richard Pryor
Wilford Brimley
Jerry Lewis
Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper
Elizabeth Taylor
Charlton Heston

Alternate: Dick Clark (I had to)

1. Gerald R. Ford 92 (The clumsy ex president.
2. The Pope 85 (The Holy See.)
3. Artie Shaw 95 (Jazz rival to Benny Goodman.)
4. Simon Rosenthal 97 (Nazi hunter.)
5. Jane Wyatt 98 (Father Knows Best, Spock's Mother.)
6. Leon Askin (Gen. Burkhalter, Hogans Heros.) 98 years old
7. Charles Lane 100 (
8. Roy Neuberger 102 (old huge art guy.)
9. Gordon B. Hinckley President of the Mormon Church 95 years old
10. Kitty Carlisle-Hart 95 (Broadway Diva, talk show racontuer and
game show maven.)

Alternate: Lady Bird Johnson 93 (former First Lady)

* Editors note, it looks like we have our first use of an alternate... as Artie Shaw just kicked the trumpet yesterday

Malibu Julz:
*Tammy Faye Baker Messner (Inoperable Lung Cancer)
*Alice Ghostly (78 Stroke)
*Annette Funicello (62 MS)
*John Mills (Haley and Juliette’s father, Great Expections, Swiss Family
*Al Lopez (Brooklyn Dodgers 96)
*Max Schmeling (99)
*Gen. William Westmoreland (90)
*Pope John Paul II (84)
*Rosa Parks (91)
*Stephen Hawking (ALS 62)

Charles Manson (70)

Tony M:
Brooke Astor
Pope John Paul II
Al Lewis
Glen Ford
Lady Bird Johnson
Richard Pryor
Kirk Douglas
Max Schmeling
Magic Johnson
Ronnie Biggs

Alternate: Eddie Albert

Kevin, Master of Death:
The Pope
Rosa Parks
William Renquist
Kirk Douglas
Nelson Mandela
Elizabeth Taylor
Charlton Heston
Richard Pryor
Jesse Helms
Prince Rainer

Alternate – Jack Kavorkian

1. Jean Stapleton
2. Saul Bellow
3. Wilford Brimley
4. Edward Furlong
5. John Paul II
6. Arthur Miller
7. Yogi Berra
8. Dick Clark
9. John Forsythe
10. Gerald Ford

Alt: JD Salinger

William Rehnquist
Pope John Paul II
Dick Cheney
Charlton Heston
Henry Kissenger
Don Knotts
Alice Ghostly
John Forsythe
James Doohan
Ricardo Montalban

Alternative: Hamed Karzai

1. Estelle Getty
2. Saddam Hussein
3. Annette Funicello
4. Richard Pryor
5. James Doohan
6. Rev. Billy Graham
7. Pope John Paul II
8. Wendie Jo Sperber
9. James Brown (singer)
10.Terri Shiavo

1. stephen hawking

Rev. Ed:
William Rehnquist
Parvez Musharraf
Pope John Paul II
Horatio Saenz
Rosa Parks
Liza Minelli
John Mills
Mitch Miller
Kitty Carlisle
PW Botha

It's a celebrity dead pool.

Here is where our little band of participants at the Phyllis Diller Is Not Dead celebrity dead pool will post our progress as those that have passed are documented and remembered.
For more details go to the group at The official dead pool site.

As each person on someone's list dies, we will post the picture and the obituary and a brief summary if any points in the passing are involved.