Sunday, April 03, 2005

Father Guido Sarducci Remembers the Pope

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Hey, I missa the Pope-ah already! He was a so nice and a so smart and stuff. Lemme tell you something the Pope'ah once-ah tolda me-ah in confidence:
Life is a job. You get $14.50 a day, but after you die, you have to pay for your sins. Stealing a hub cap is around $100. Masturbation is 35 cents (it doesn't seem like much, but it adds up). If there's money left when you subtract what you owe from what you've earned, you can go to heaven. If not, you have to go back to work. (Sort of like reincarnation -- many nuns are Mafia guys working it off.)

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stelios the big easy guy said...

911 was an inside job. Bush and Silverstein did it themselves.
**TRUTH** and the same goes for 7/7 by guido hair head