Monday, December 19, 2005

It's a celebrity dead pool

Here is where our little band of participants at the Phyllis Diller Is Not Dead celebrity dead pool will post our progress as those that have passed are documented and remembered.
For more details go to the group at The official dead pool site.

As each person on someone's list dies, we will post the picture and the obituary and a brief summary if any points in the passing are involved.

The Rules, as they are:
A celebrity dead pool for the year 2002,2003,2004, 2005.

The fifth year of this fine event is just around the corner. Start making your list of names now and take part in this wholesome past time that lasts the whole year.

Submit 11 names of folks that will die in 2005. The first ten count, the 11th is an alternate.

Any submissions after midnight 12/31/04 will not be accepted.

On Jan 1, 2006 the winner is announced. The winner for 2004 will be announced at some later date after a drunken party in honor of those passed on.

Points are awarded for the following:
Age of the dead (oldest- least points * youngest -most points.)
Oldest 4 points Youngest 6 points
Active deaths
First corpse - 4 points
Last corpse - 5 points
Most names on the list - 18 points per name
Suicide - 10 points
Under 65 - 4 points
Under 55 - 4 points (in addition to the under 65 points awarded.)

Rules and scoring posted at

A Yahoo membership is probably required so sign up so you can track the annual deaths.

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