Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Winner Announced

There was a long and heated 5 way tie throughout almost the entire year.  In that case, the youngest corpse guess wins.  That would have been Deron M with Hugo Chavez.

Very late in the year, though, we lost Harold Camping on Dec 15, 2013.  He was one of those end times preachers, and a couple years ago had millions thinking he had calculated perfectly the date of end times.  Now, you titter when you see this on the news, but keep in mind what happens to the people who believed it.  When this story came up, there were people who sold or gave away EVERYTHING.

Anyway - the winner is me (Kevin, or Lono) once again.  I had two bodies - Roger Ebert, and Harold Camping.  This is why I call myself  'Master of Death Emeritus'.  I win.  A lot.

I am the winner, and the winner is me.  This can not be stated enough.

Does that make me a better person than you?  Yes.  Yes it does.
I am also putting in a new modification.  I will go through the old list and strike through the dead celebs, like this.   Rober Ebert.  This will make your research easier down the road.  Note, when you see a strike through, it doesn't necessarily mean they died during that calendar year.

Happy Hunting you sick fucks!

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