Friday, January 02, 2015

2015 lists coming soon!

Hey all,

Apologies.  I haven't got the new lists up yet.  Just been crazy busy.  In fairness, and to validate my laziness... we are still accepting submissions.  Get your friends, neighbors, and nearly dead acquaintences to join.

All you have to do to send either Roy or myself your list.  My email is IamCorrect  at  Gmail  dot   c0m
Cool?  I plan to have the lists updated tomorrow (Saturday) night.  Also, we will be announcing this year's winner.  Early returns indicate it is me.  Again.  As usual.

The rules, as always, pick ten celebrities you think may die in the next year.

* as a bonus piece of contrition, I will explain how I win every single year.  Hint, it isn't the 'Julz clause'

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