Wednesday, December 07, 2016

2017 lists now being accepted

You sick bastards!

It is that hallowed time of the year to start gathering names again.  Quick refresher on the rules - before Jan 1, 2017 send me a list of 10 celebrities who you think will die in 2017.  Tie breakers go to age of deceased.  Meaning - predicting a 98 year old will die is not as impressive as guessing a 27 year old.

It has to be a celebrity.  What constitutes a 'celebrity', original house rules stated the Associated Press had to publish their obit.  However, I am going to make an executive decision to move us into the 21st century - person has to have a Wiki page.

If you do not know me, or my email address... you can still play!  Simply leave your list in the comments, along with whatever handle you want to go by.  Bonus helpfulness if you include your contact info.  I will reach out to you directly, and then delete your contact info.


Kevin, Master of Death Emeritus®

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Kevin of Parker said...

It seeems like everyone died in 2016. Well... everyone except the people on our lists. I think I have a new strategy. For the folks I want to LIVE, and STAY living... maybe they should go on my deadpool list.

other news, and this isn't news... but don't cross Julie. She is getting them one a week these days.