Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 lists

* updated 2.25.18
Malibu Julz

2.    Stephen Hawking
1.    Kirk Douglas
3.    Jan Michael Vincent
4.    John McCain
5.    Nanette Fabray
6.    Burt Reynolds
7.    George H.W. Bush
8.    Val Kilmer
9.    Billy Graham
10.  Liza Minelli

I just realized this list below is missing a name.  If this is your list, please drop me a line here, so we can give you full credit for being a sick and clearly troubled individual that you are.  It’s not urgent.  I usually win.  And if I don’t, Julz does.  She is a powerful enemy, and has personally killed at least 3 from last year’s list.  Funny thing, though… 2 of them were only on my list.

Henry Kissinger
George  Bush S
Bob Barker
Dick Van Dyke
Kirk Douglas
John McCain
Bella Thorne
Keith Richards
Randy Quaid
Harvey Weinstein
                Alternate    Morgan Freeman


1.   John McCain
2.   Steve Gleason
3.   Louis CK
4.   Pat Bowlen
5.   Burt  Reynolds
6.   Artie Lang
7.   Mitzi Shore
8.   Gary Busey
9.   Joni Mitchell
10. George Bush Sr
 alt >  Paul Mooney

Mark R.

1 Keith Richards
2 Queen Elizabeth of England
3 Trump (natural death)***
4 Ozzy Osborne
5 Harrison Ford
6 Steven Adler
7 Bob Dylan
8 John McCain
9 Charlie watts
10 George H Bush
11 David Crosby
*** editorial note here for Mark.  Did he say 'natural death' so as not to be construed as a threat to the president?  Well played.  I'll go ahead and leave that in.  I know I personally have had enough visits from the secret service this year.

Patrick Shackley

I'd like to thank the academy for this opportunity.
Sincerely, Patrick Shackley, esq.

1.   Kirk Douglas
2.   Queen Elizabeth
3.   George H. W. Bush
4.    Val Kilmer
5.   Jerry Lee Lewis
6.   Gallagher
7.   Billy Graham
8.   John McCain
9.   Wilford Brimley
10.  Valerie Harper
         > alternate or just hopeful thinking - Steve Bannon


1.    Shannon Doherty 
2.    Billy Graham
3.    G. H. Bush
4.    John McCain
5.    Donald Trump*
6.    Kirk Douglas 
7.    Janice Dickinson
8.    Matthew Perry
9.    Val Kilmer
10.  Michael Douglas
          Alt: Charlie Sheen

·         Editors note – pretty sure this counts as a direct threat against the President.  You have been reported.     For good behavior and freedom of speech!  If/when they come for you... don't forget to tell them Mark did the same thing.


1.  Olivia de Havilland
2.  George H.W. Bush
3.  Jimmy Carter
4.  Kirk Douglas
5.  June Lockhart
6.  Carol Channing
7.  George Shultz
8.  Prince Philip
9.  Billy Graham
10.  Marty Allen
         Alt. I.M. Pei


Kirk Douglas
Carol Channing
Doris Day
Dick van Dyke
Mel Brooks
*Sir John Hurt
Desmond Tutu
*Jerry Lewis
Billy Graham
       Alt -  Sidney Poitier

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